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Becovic Holdings Corp. is making first investments in consumer and direct-to-business products and services, including the areas of media and entertainment.

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Becovic Holdings welcomes acquisition and investment submittals. more Becovic Acquisitions Investments
Travel Destination Portal for the Ulcinj-Bar
South Coast Region of Montenegro

The web portal has been launched in beta form as a means of promoting tourism to the south coastal areas of Montenegro.

BHC created as a news, information, and resources portal to promote tourism and economic development in the Ulcinj-Bar South Coast region of Montenegro.

The Ulcinj-Bar South Coast region is a top Adriatic travel destination due to the natural beauty of its extensive beaches, rolling hillsides, and the gracious hospitality of its people. The Ulcinj region's history begins with the prehistoric Illyrians, construction of its scenic old walled town in the 5th century BC by the Colchinians, and later capture and life under Roman rule.

The Ulcinj region has long been famous for Velika Plaza - also known as Long Beach (and Plazha Madhe in Albanian), Velika Plaza is the longest and most famous beach in Montenegro - some 12,000 meters long (more than eight miles). The Velika Plaza beach sands is also well-known for its unusually fine sand, reputed to have a therapeutic qualities.

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Becovic Holdings Corporation is a privately-held international investment organization, affiliated with U.S.-based Becovic Properties and Becovic Management Group. more Becovic Management Group

Funi Del Har television game show BHC recently produced a television game show called "Funi Del Har" using Hotel Mediteran Resort in Ulcinj as the location. The game show saw contestants vying for a top cash prize and other give-aways, while the show's host bantered away with jokes and trivia. The show was created as a sponsor's showcase for distribution direct to video and on local Montenegrin cable television.

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