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Becovic Holdings Corporation views commitment to local communities is a fundamental aspect of its company charter.

The Young Leader Foundation is dedicated to sponsoring youth of high promise, whether through their intelligence, inherent gifts or talents, who may be in need of financial resources or enrichment opportunities, to propel their personal achievement and leadership potential to the highest level.

The YLFI works with local community organizations to fulfill its mission, whether public agencies, schools, or places of worship. The foundation is ecumenical in its approach, simply looking for best leverage in the use of YLFI funds and resources.

Support of the Young Leader Foundation is a fundamental aspect of Becovic Holdings Corporation's mission.

We believe that our corporate responsibility and commitment extends to helping local communities, supporting educational organizations and libraries, funding medical research and hospital operations, supporting arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth and families worldwide, and actively encouraging associate volunteerism.

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The Albanian-American Islamic Center of Bensenville, Illinois

The Chicago suburbs are home to a large Albanian-American community, many of whom are of the Islamic faith. The Albanian-American Islamic Center is situated in Bensenville (Illinois), in a location suited to serving this resident population.

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