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Becovic Holdings Corporation operates an expanding international real estate and hospitality porfolio.

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Becovic Holdings Corporation is the latest affiliate of a family enterprise founded more than 30 years ago by the Becovic family, upon emigrating to the U.S.

Isa Becovic is the founder and President of Becovic Holdings Corporation. Mr. Becovic is responsible for first acquisitions made by BHC in Montenegro, including purchase of the Hotel Mediteran Resort in Ulcinj, in late 2005. A phase-one renovation has since been completed at the resort, and new construction is in the entitlements process.

As a result of this purchase, he is the first U.S.-based Albanian-American executive and company to return and invest back to their homeland in Ulcinj.

Mr. Becovic is active with charitable work and recently founded the Young Leader Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to empowering gifted and talented youth.

In the decade before forming BHC, Mr. Becovic served as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Becovic Management Group, where he tripled the size of BMG's real estate holdings and significantly improved the firm's profitability, and secured financing related to this $100 million-plus portfolio.

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Becovic Holdings Corporation is affiliated with Becovic Management Group, Inc., a private family-owned Chicago based real estate acquisition, development and property management firm with varied interests in land, commercial property, and residential real estate.

Its property management affiliate manages quality commercial and residential properties located in Illinois, Indiana and Arizona. Many of its residential communities in the Chicago metro area are situated within easy walking distance of Lake Michigan, Lake Shore Drive, and downtown Chicago's entertainment, dining, and nightlife districts.

Becovic Holdings Corporation is affiliated with Becovic Properties and Becovic Management Group. visit BMG website Becovic Properties

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